IV Infusion & Gut Health

November 2023

Bloating. Persistent headache. Constant upset stomach. All of these, plus more, are indications of compromised gut health. 

IV infusion therapy delivers essential vitamins and nutrients directly to your intestines, helping you get your digestive tract back on track. 

What is ‘Gut Health’ and Your Microbiome?

More recently, individuals have begun focusing on the connection between gut health and overall health. Gut health is, to simply put it, the health of your digestive system including your stomach, large intestine, small intestine, colon, tissue lining, and microbiome. The microbiome is made of over a trillion different species of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, whose jobs are to break down food, turning it into nutrients your body can use. Some bacteria can cause certain illnesses, but many are beneficial and necessary for not only a healthy gut but a healthy body. Many factors, including what you eat, your vitamin and nutrient consumption, as well as how much of each you intake, can impact the type of bacteria found in your digestive tract— having short-term and long-term effects on the gut microbiome, for the better or the worse. 

An increased level of gut bacteria diversity is an important indicator of your microbiome health. It has been found that gut health has been linked to:

What Affects Your Microbiome 

Many factors play a role in the health of your microbiome beyond simply what you eat, including:

Uncontrollable factors that also affect your microbiome are age, environment, birth mode, and if you were breastfed or bottle-fed as an infant. 

Symptoms of Poor Gut Health

There is no definitive way to measure gut health, however, distinctive symptoms of poor gut health include:

How to Improve Gut Health

Gut Health & Fiber 

Improving your gut health may require lifestyle changes or dietary modifications. Upping your intake of dietary fiber can help keep your bowl on a regular excretion schedule as well as feed the healthy bacteria in your gut. Fiber works hand in hand with water to aid in the digestion and absorption of nutrients, how quickly or slowly things move through the tract, and the quality of stool. 

Gut Health & Proper Hydration  

Being well-hydrated provides several benefits to gut health and increases the diversity of bacteria in the gut. Fluids help assist with the breakdown of foods so that your body may absorb nutrients. Along with this, fluids help in softening stools, helping prevent constipation. 

Gut Health & Exercise 

Increasing and maintaining cardiovascular exercise stimulates muscles of the gut to move digestive contents through the body, positively affecting your gut microbiome. 

Gut Health & Stress 

Stress can impact your gut health more than you think. It is important to be vigilant about what you eat, your gut health, and your mental health because all three are linked together. Managing stress via exercise, eating well, proper sleep, and using relaxation techniques all have positive impacts on your gut microbiome. 

Gut Health & IV Infusion Therapy 

There is no miracle cure for good gut health and a stable microbiome. There is no scientific evidence that one individual food or product will rapidly heal an unbalanced gut. Research into gut health is relatively new, uber complex, and always developing. Because of this, it is vital for you to find YOUR balance and what suits your gut the best. Too many toxic additives in your food and water lead to digestive tract inflammation and reduced absorption of nutrients. IV infusion therapy can help correct this by delivering necessary nutrients directly to your cells.