Infusions and Pricing

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Meyers Cocktail


A great pick me up for anyone feeling fatigued or out of balance. 

Immune Booster Therapy


Enhance your body's defense, recieve powerful antioxidants, and stay healthy. 

Migraine Pain Therapy


Do not let migraine pain ruin your day. 

Hangover Therapy


Feeling hungover? Say less.

Beauty Therapy


Rejuvenate your hair, skin, and whole self with nourishing nutrients. 

Weight Loss Therapy


Kickstart your metabolism with speciality nutrients targeted for weight loss. 

Energy Therapy


Boost your energy levles and unlock your full potential. 

Detox Therapy


Feel re-energized, re-stored, and renewed with these naturally detoxifying nutrients. 

Performance & Recovery Therapy


Upgrade your muscle recovery and performance.

NAD+ Therapy

La fontaine de jouvence. AKA the fountain of youth. 

Cold and Flu Therapy


Naturally enhance your immune system when you feel under attack from foregin bacteria or viruses.

Hydration Therapy


The quickest and eaisest solution to dehydration. 

Sunburn Therapy


Combat integumentary pain or discomfort caused by the sun's UV rays.

Anti-Stress Therapy


Fight stress, find your balance, and restore your mind and body.

Revitalize Therapy


Enhance your body's recovery from long-term illnesses.

IV Treatment Deals: