Energy Therapy

Enhance your energy level and unlock your full potential.

Vivant Infusions Energy Mix is made of vitamins and nutrients that naturally promote energy which will leave you feeling physically and mentally energized and alive. 

Your body is always working, weather you are sleeping or walking, every cell is always creating or using energy. This IV infusion recharges all those cells hard at work—hydrating them with fluids, vitamins, and nutrients, therefore enhancing energy production. Positive outcomes seen with an increase in energy include: better sleep, glowing skin, boosted immune system, increased motivation to complete everyday tasks, loose unwanted or stubborn weight, improve productivity, manage stress or anxiety, and overall, experience greater joy and well-being.


A great add-on we suggest is Glutathione to combat oxidatice stress, improve lipid metabolism to decrease muscle fatigue post workouts or Carnitine because it breaks down fatty acids for energy! 

Treatment Frequency

The effects of our Energy Therapy Infusion last between one to two weeks. Because of this we recommend this treatment once every one to two weeks