Hangover Therapy

Feeling exhausted and hungover? That is the worst. Feeling. Ever.

But we will bring you the best combination of hydration, vitamins, electrolytes, and anti-nausea medication to wherever you are to help you feel alive and tackle the day ahead.

Alcohol can have toxic effects on the body’s systems such as the digestive tract, urinary tract, and cardiovascular system. So, in order to get rid of this toxin, the body has to work extra hard to break down and eliminate it. This detoxification results in the feeling dubbed “hungover.” Symptoms of this include nausea and vomiting, headaches, fatigue, thirst, weakness, anxiety, muscle aches, stomach pain, sensitivity to light and sound, sweating, increased blood pressure, and irritability. 


Vivant Infusions hangover drip offers a quick solution to these issues through rehydration and replenishing nutrients and electrolytes used in the detoxification process.


Look at the Add-On list for any nutrient you feel you may need more of! We recommend Zinc or Vitamin C for an added immune-boost! 

Treatment Frequency 

Receiving the Hangover Therapy infusion on an 'as needed basis' is recommended, whether that is prior to a day or night of drinking or the morning after.