Hydration Therapy

Did you know that roughly 60% of your body is composed of water?

That is why when you are dehydrated your whole body feels the side effects.  Drinking water helps quench the thirst associated with dehydration, but IV hydration therapy gives you instant relief for fatigue, exhaustion, or dizziness, plus continuing affects.

Signs of dehydration and the need for IV hydration therapy are:

Intravenous hydration results in quicker hydration than drinking water alone because the saline solution goes directly into your bloodstream, getting it circulating in your system, helping relieve your headache or dry mouth simultaneously. You are able to relieve your symptoms almost instantly and can also expect to have long-lasting hydration benefits such as: 


Vivant Infusions Hydration drip is it’s simplest formula with just one ingredient—IV fluid. This fluid is equivalent to what you would receive in a hospital for hydration, made of electrolytes, sodium chloride, and water. These ingredients work together to boost your body’s absorption level, empowering you to recover quickly. 



Simple and effective is how Vivant Infusions describes the Hydration Drip. However, if you want to boost your infusion, any add-on will improve your hydration and help any other symptoms you feel. Favored add-ons include:

Be sure to look at our Add-On Page for a complex list of other treatments and see which best fits your needs.

Treatment Frequency

You can receive the Hydration Therapy however often you feel you need it.