Meyers Cocktail

Renew, regenerate, and replenish with a Meyers Cocktail. 

A Meyers Cocktail works because it bypasses the digestive tract and provides immediate nutrients to the bloodstream at a higher, more concentrated amount compared to the oral (eaten) route.

A Meyers Cocktail has the ability to help relieve side effects of many situations from the common cold to chronic illnesses to exercise recovery and fatigue. Below is a specialized list of benefits:

Overall, a great 'pick me up' if you are feeling run down!


Add Ons: 

With any of the infusion bags, you have the ability to add-on any nutrient found in the add-on list. We recommend adding Zinc, Glutathione, Taurine, or NAD+ for an extra boost in your day. 

Treatment Frequency

You can receive a Meyers Cocktail 1-2 times a week and after your fifth treatment, you can maintain the same frequency or decrease to less sessions based on your body needs and/or physician's directions.