Migraine Pain Therapy

Don't let migraine pain ruin your day.

We will bring you our speciality crafted bag to get you back on your feet and feeling alive again. 

If you deal with chronic migraines or randomized attacks, our Migraine Pain Therapy is a dependable and powerful solution, curated with ingredients proven to target the root of the issue, while also soothing other symptoms. Migraines or headaches can be caused by multiple different factors such as: 


Treatment Frequency

You can receive the Migraine Pain Infusion Therapy twice a week for recurring migraines. For chronic migraines, three times a week has also been proven to be effective. But keep in mind that according to the American Migraine Foundation, the consistent use of headache medication can reduce their effectiveness so if you are seeking the Migraine Pain Therapy more than three times a week, Vivant Infusions highly recommends speaking to your primary healthcare provider or a migraine specialist.