Elevate your vitality, support optimal cellular health, boost your athletic performance, and experience the resurgent effects of NAD+ Therapy 

Elevate your wellness journey with NAD+ which revitalizes you on a cellular level by repairing DNA and combating aging. 

Vivant Infusions NAD+ Therapy is curated to replenish what is lost during natural aging processes and daily physical activities. We aim to take a holistic approach to restore your balance and well-being through hydration, natural nutrients, and vitamins. Along with rejuvenating powers, NAD+ amplifies muscle strength, elevating you to higher fitness levels. It also lessens post-workout soreness, securing a speedy recovery. 


NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a naturally occuring coenzyme found in all living things--from single cell organisms to sophisticated multicellular beings. 

How does NAD+ work? 

NAD+ reacts with oxygen in the mitochondria of cells to help promote cellular regeneration and repair. It also transfers electrons from one molecule to another which helps generate energy for your cells.

By 40 years old, roughly 40% of NAD+ levels have been depleted, opening the door for common signs of aging to become more prominent such as lack of mobility, wrinkled skin, or decreased energy levels. Being physically fit is empowering and releases stress, yet it is also very taxing on your body. Fitness activities demand a lot from your body, so without proper replenishments of energy sources, you will feel more tired quicker. So, the more NAD+ your body has, the more energy you will have and the less likely you are to feel side effects of your fitness regimen or natural aging.

NAD+ therapy can help avert or reverse signs of aging by preventing mitochondrial dysfunction and refilling your energy levels. Intravenous therapy maximizes NAD+ bioavailability and delivers 100% of it into your bloodstream for immediate use by your body.

La Fontaine de Jouvence: The Fountain of Youth

Formulated for those who push the boundaries, whether you are an athlete or an everyday fighter, NAD+ Therapy is what you will be reaching for, for power, resilience, and recovery.  

Aside from on-the-spot benefits of reduced muscle soreness and amplified strength, NAD+ is able to mend DNA damage and boost cellular longevity. Reduced NAD+ levels can lead to metabolic dysfunction which is a precursor to other disorders such as obesity, insulin resistance (diabetes), arthritis, cognitive decline, high blood pressure (hypertension), and high cholesterol. These disorders then open the door for other future issues to worry about developing, such as, a stroke, heart attack, or cognitive impairment. 

NAD+ Therapy is a realistic intervention to protect against age-related diseases, amplify endurance and athletic recovery, and overall elevate your vitality, inside and out. 

Benefits of NAD+

Athletic Highlight

Former Chicago Bears quarterback, Jay Cutler, who is an all-time leader in yards thrown, proclaims that NAD+ therapy helps his body in retirement. The NFL has been trying for years to make rule-changes to reduce player injuries. However, the hits, injuries, and demand on player’s bodies accumulate over the years, having long-term effects on their physical, behavioral, and emotional health. Jay Cutler played in the NFL for 12 years and upon entering retirement, he began looking into preserving and healing his body and mind. He receives NAD+ IV therapy with the hope to help prevent CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy); brain degeneration linked to repeated blows to the head or concussions. Cutler suffered from 15 concussions during his 12 years of playing pro and is aiming to delay the repercussions of repetitive brain injury as much as he can. NFL players do not have to wait until retirement to receive this infusion, as several players are incorporating this therapy into their wellness routine to help boost energy. Maybe with more players knowing the positive long-term affects NAD+ has on neuron protection and cellular regeneration, more will began using it. 

NAD+ Treatment Frequency 

NAD+ Therapy is a slow drip process and common infusion time ranges from 2-3 hours.

The Work Hard, Recover Harder treatment frequency is curated for those who need to recover fast and restore what has been lost due to strenuous exercise or physical activity. We recommend one to two infusions per month. 

Beginning with the Immune Booster Therapy infusion (1 hour), followed by the NAD+ Therapy infusion (250mg) (2 hours), and ending with adding Glutathione (200mg) push or IM shot (10-15min). As NAD+ is working through the body, toxins and free radicals are released. Combining NAD+ with a strong antioxidant helps your body get rid of these toxins easier.


The Optimal Anti-Aging treatment plan is recommended for those over the age of 40, to help boost what has been naturally lost through aging. A 3-session series ensures maximum benefits, essentially front loading your treatment to see results and feel mentally and physically empowered. 

After your 3 infusions in one week, we recommend one to two 250mg treatments a month.

Curious about NAD therapy but do not have time for a 2 to 3 hours infusion? Take a look at our NAD shot here!