Sunburn Therapy

Do not let a day in the sun take you out of your daily routine.

Sunburns can happen from just about any outdoor activity and can develop into sun poisoning or skin damage quickly. Vivant Infusions formulated an IV therapy bag to help you combat any pain or discomfort you have from the sun.

Sunburn is painful, red, damaged skin caused by too much exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun. Often times people assume you can only get sunburn at the beach or on a hike when you are not wearing sunscreen. However, some people are more susceptible to sunburn and can get one doing everyday things such as eating lunch outside, walking the dog, or gardening. Multiple sunburns can lead to premature skin aging and skin cancer which is why taking precautions to minimize risk of sunburn and maximize correct treatment is critical for skin health and overall vitality. Long-term effects of sunburn include:

There are three types of sunburn. A first-degree sunburn affects the outermost or top layer of your skin and usually heals in a few days to a week. A second-degree sunburn damages the middle layer of your skin, and you may develop blisters on the red, sensitive skin. Your skin may take up to weeks to heal. Third-degree sunburns are rare and require emergency medical treatment. It affects all three layers of skin, can damage nerve endings, and leave scar tissue. Most third-degree burns are not the result of sun exposure. 


Skin Symptoms of a first-degree burn include:

Skin Symptoms of a second-degree burn include:

During a sunburn, not only are the layers of your skin affected, but your body as a whole feel the UV rays affects. Your body will experience:

What is Sun Poisoning? 

A regular sunburn is unbearable in itself, but a severe sunburn, sun poisoning, can make you feel more than uncomfortable. Sun poisoning is also referred to as “sun sickness” because you are not actually “poisoned” by the sun. This condition is caused by dehydration from the burn or UV over-exposure. If you have a bad sunburn, which can blister, symptoms of sun poisoning include: 


Add-on’s we recommend include: 

It is important to prevent sunburn as best as you can through limiting your sun exposure, wearing sunscreen and/or protective clothing and hats. However, Vivant Infusions is here to help you when the sun has taken it out of you and left you feeling burnt.

Treatment Frequency

We recommend booking a Sunburn Therapy appointment as soon as you feel the sunburn pain, or if you feel as if the sun 'took it out of you'.