Vitamin Shots

Amplify your vitality with intramuscular vitamin injections from Vivant Infusions. Undergo quick, effective, and painless nutrient enhancement for upgraded health!  

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Why Choose a Vitamin Shot?

Vivant Infusions understands how difficult it can be to prioritize your health when life is moving so quickly around you. If you don't have the time to enjoy an infusion therapy treatment, it does not mean you can't continue on your wellness journey. Our specialized Vitamin Shots target and treat your specific health needs in only 10-15 minutes! 

Vitamin Shots

Energy B Vitamin


Indulge in a speedy boost of energy and essential B Vitamins for ideal strength, performance, & liveliness. 



Support lean muscle production and target stubborn body fat. 



Glow from the inside out with this shot packed with nutrients that support strong hair, nails, and skin. 

Studies have proven that over 80% of individuals are deficient in at least one or more vitamins. 



Reboot your cellular health with this shot to support mitochondrial health, energy production, & fight aging effects.   

Muscle Builder


The "Holy Trinity" of cardiovascular health. Boost muscle strength, promote physical endurance, and improve fitness goals. 

ALA Brain Booster


Increase brainpower while also receiving the benefits of a powerful antioxidant proven to enhance overall wellbeing. 

Detox Shot


The mother of all long-term detoxification nutrients.

Carnitine shot


Burn fat, get energy, and reduce muscle damage all in one shot. 

Shot Deals: